Belvamas Maritim

Your Trusted Local Partner in Indonesia

Our husbandry services are tailored to suit the vessel. Our experienced staff provide full control of services ordered and related expenses:

  • Ship Survey
  • Spare-Part Delivery
  • Chart & Mail Delivery
  • Cash-To-Master
  • Fresh Water & Ship Bunker
  • Ship Provisions & Chandlery
  • Underwater Cleaning
  • Disbursement Account Handling

Ship Survey

Through a nationwide network of surveyors, Belvamas Maritim can offer survey services within Indonesia on a 24/7 basis.

Our company also has access to a wealth of extra technical expertise, including financial modelling, forensic investigation and simulation and modelling services.

Our ship surveys coverage include but not limited to the followings:

  • Condition and Risk Surveys:  Risk assessment, avoidance and identification are some of the key services offered to customers by Belvamas Maritim. This is key to ensuring their safety and reliability and ensuring that the customer has full warranty and insurance coverage.
  • In-Depth Investigation:  Using our company's nationwide network, we can provide a more in-depth survey capability involving specific specialist and forensic services.
  • Hull & Machinery:  Our company provides services for all stages of a Hull & Machinery claim or machinery installation process. We can provide all these services within Indonesia through our network of surveyors and technical experts.
  • Expert Witness:  Working with third-party experts, our company has built a reputation for its expertise in investigating all aspects of marine accidents and disputes and its professionalism and integrity as an Expert Witness in claims for damage and loss.

Ship Spare-Parts Delivery

We have been nominated by large international ship-owner & ship-manager companies to handle the importation of ships' spare-part and stores and delivery to various Indonesian seaports.

Due to our expertise in this field, we have a speedy way of handling these spare parts and stores into the country and further delivery to the ships without delay.

We have developed an arrangement that guarantees a smooth process for these critical deliveries. If the “emergency” arises, our company takes over the entire processing from collection to delivery, including customs clearance. The processing proceeds according to a precisely predetermined schedule and with a perfectly synchronized transport process—timely information regarding the progress and status of the delivery complete the service.

The Ship Spare Parts we handle for our clients to include main and auxiliary engines, diesel and hydraulic drives and controls, equipment, pumps, automatics, electronics and electro techniques components and a range of valves. We also handle the tools, filters, bearings, welding equipment, safety equipment for workers, valves, and ship's general provisions for our clients.

We also have all the facilities for proper storage of all your spare parts – in a suitable and secure environment. The spare parts will be delivered to the ship according to instructions and when they are needed.

Not only do we collect spares from the ship's supplier, but we also collect spares from the vessels for maintenance or repair.

Ship Navigational Charts & Documents Delivery

Merchants ships on spot markets often require the latest & most updated charts for their new sailing direction as per the charterer's wishes, which often poses a problem for ships to have the relevant charts being delivered onboard.

Fortunately, you have found a partner who can help you do exactly that. Belvamas Maritim can assist merchant ships in having their charts delivered onboard during their passage through the Indonesian waters/territory.

We will procure the relevant charts and coordinate with the ship for the meeting point, and without stopping, the ship will proceed to their sailing destination with the most updated charts available onboard.

We can also provide and make special arrangements for the delivery of urgent ship' statutory updated documentation such as renewal ship' certificate and/or crew' mail, which can be supplied either within inner or outer port limits.

As a mail handler, we’ve perfected a streamlined process that saves high-volume mailers up to 60% on postage while providing fast, reliable delivery, including industry-leading on-time rates. Our company can save on shipping costs without sacrificing delivery performance or enhanced services like tracking.


One of the issue with servicing the ship is the provision and delivery of Cash-to-Master (CTM).

Our company can deliver Cash to Master (CTM) at most Indonesian seaports despite the restricted availability of US Dollar banknotes within its widespread islands.

We can guarantee that our CTM and Mail delivery will be done during the ship's stay in port, and all our delivery are covered with insurance to protect the interest of the ship-owner and our company.

However, it must be noted that US Dollar banknotes are not always available on remote islands; therefore, the CTM delivery must be hand-carried from main islands to outer remote islands; hence it will become more expensive.

Fresh Water & Ship Bunker

Freshwater is always needed onboard, and our company can supply it whenever required by the clients at almost all ports within Indonesia.

As for the ship bunker, we have signed an agreement with key bunker suppliers and enjoy a discounted rate, enabling us to offer a competitive rate to our clients.